Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Consumption

Weed knowledge about cannabis plants

Source: Maximum Yield

While cannabis looks beautiful when it flowers, you don’t feel any of its effects by looking at it. This is why it is important that you know about different ways you can use it. In this post, we try to give you the important weed knowledge to help you use this beneficial herb in the best possible way. There are two primary ways to consume cannabis.

  1. Inhalation – Smoking and Vaporizing
  2. Oral Consumption

The most preferred choice for beginners is usually smoking and it can be done by igniting a cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke. Cannabinoids are released through combustion which enter into your lungs and bloodstream. The effects produced by smoking are instantaneous and last for up to two hours, depending on the cannabis strain used. Cannabis that has been properly flushed or cured will burn white, or near-white ash. Similarly, cannabis that burns a black color is a sign of a plant that has been over-fertilized and/or treated with chemicals. So, this is the difference between white ash vs black ash weed.

Vaporization is another popular method that involves inhaling cannabis by combusting the flower or oil in a vaporizer. This method is less harmful than smoking as a lesser amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals is produced. Vaping produces the strongest effects of all methods of cannabis consumption and is not ideal for inexperienced users.

Oral consumption is also a popular method of weed consumption. It includes consuming the supplement through food, drinks, capsules and other ingestible products. This method takes hours to feel the effects but the effects last longer and are stronger. The high produced by oral consumption last for up to six hours.

Here are some of the tips for first-time users to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

How to inhale cannabis?

You can choose any of the weed accessories including joints and vaporizer to try cannabis for the first time. As you heat up the bud, you should inhale the smoke directly to your lungs and hold for a moment before exhaling. If you feel the smoke to be too harsh, hold it in the mouth for sometime before inhaling.

Feeling high in the body

Strains rich in Indica generally cause the body high. First-time users would need to make themselves comfortable to be ready to experience the ‘couch-lock’ effect. You feel lazy, relaxed and like to lay on your couch, watch T.V and eat snacks. This is why such THC strains are ideal for nighttime use. If you use Sativa-dominant strains, you feel as if you have had an energy drink. It is therefore recommended for daytime consumption.

How long does the high last?

The duration of cannabis effects depends on numerous factors including the amount of weed you consumed, the consumption method, the potency of strain and your tolerance to cannabis. In general, the high you get from smoking lasts for 1-2 hours while edibles work differently and produce effects that last from 4-10 hours.

Try cannabis with someone you are comfortable with

While stone circles are great ways to enjoy weed, your first time should be with somebody you really feel comfortable with. People report feeling awkward and anxious being high with people they are not familiar with. When you want to get high for the first time, do it with your partner or a close friend, especially somebody who has weed knowledge.