6 Types of CBD Concentrates You Need To Know

If you are a beginner in the cannabis world, you may get confused with the various terminologies and different products. The CBD concentrates are a popular type of cannabis product that contains about 45-90% of CBD content, based on the extraction and distillation process. They are mainly popular among people who require a higher dose of CBD and wish to feel the effects immediately. There is psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms Canada, may help re-set the activity of neural circuits in the brain that are involved in depression. Enthusiasts have long believed that the shroom’s ability to induce profound-feeling experiences could be therapeutically useful. However, in this post we will talk about the 5 different types of Cannabinoid concentrates you need to know.

CBD Distillate

The distillate form is the most prized product in the CBD community and it is highly sought after for its versatility, potency, and neutral taste. To create distillate, an extra step of filtration is required. The plant matter extracted from hemp is kept through the CO2 extraction, which is considered as the golden method of extraction. It helps in separating terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils from the hemp plant, leaving behind just the extract. The oil is then distilled after reducing the cannabinoid content and removing the chlorophyll. The distillate is often referred to as the synonym of cannabis oil, a pure extract from the CBD.

Honey Stick

After the distillation process, the liquid becomes viscous and crystallizes with 60% CBD content. It appears like honey with its thick yellow and clear texture. This distillate is also used as a base for a wide range of CBD products such as edibles, oils, pre-filled vapes, and cartridges. With the help of the distillate, it is possible to form edibles that do not have any taste of CBD and are easy to measure.

CBD Shatter

The CBD Shatter contains over 95% CBD and it comes in the form of a thin slab of concentrates. It is usually formulated from the crystallized CBD isolate and it may be infused with terpenes to enhance the flavor and effect.

CBD Crumble Rock

Prepared by the method of CO2 extraction and distillation, the CBD crumble may contain about 99% of CBD content and 0% THC. It has a soft texture that crumbles easily with the slight exposure of heat. The crumbles may include terpenes of food-grade material. This further enhances the flavor and potential effect of the CBD concentrates. It is frequently used for dab rigs or concentrate pens.

CBD Crystals and Isolate

When CBD is above 60% potency, it starts to crystallize naturally and the CBD crystals are considered as the pure rocks made of CBD isolate. These crystals may be infused with terpenes to flavor them for those who use them in dabs. Isolates, on the other hand, are the most concentrates form of CBD, comprising of 99.5% to 99.9% CBD. It is often used in cosmetics and also for making vape juice.


This type of CBD concentrates is called wax due to its similar consistency. It is soft and comes in a wide range of formats, produced via winterization or CO2 extraction. Winterization refers to the extraction process is which CBD is purified by removing the waxes that are considered to be damaging, thus the extract is turned into a pure form. The hemp extract is first soaked in alcohol and then heated lightly. After that, it is frozen for a minimum 24 hours to allow the cuticle waxes to get separated and removed, leaving a wax-like substance.